Grilled Cake & Hugging your Constraints

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby featherAs Hurricane Joaquin is coming toward us this weekend, it reminded me of another storm that hit the Washington, DC area around this time years ago, Hurricane Isabel.phpThumb_generated_thumbnail  In 2003 Hurricane Isabel came through our area just at the time of my son’s scheduled 9th birthday party.  When the power went out for days, I assured him that he could still have his party and we would find a way to make sure that all the important elements would be included. Many of the elements for the birthday were just as they would be whether the power was on or off, but, the one improvisation that turned out to change the party from just one of many, to a memorable one was the fact that the birthday cake was baked, not in our oven that was not available during the power outage, but, in our gas grill.  For years, my son’s friends would come over and say to me that I had provided them with the best grilled cake (mine looked much better than the picture I have provided) they had ever had.  When faced with the constraint of no power, I had created a solution that I would have never considered under other circumstances. Tonight I was reading the article in the Journal of Accountancy, Learning to Love Constraints and I reflected on the story of Grilled Cake as I also thought about the many challenges that KBS Clients encounter because of the many constraints they encounter. So, as your business encounters a constraint or limitation, consider looking at it as an opportunity to utilize a resource that you have available to you.  Stuck on what those opportunities might be?  Contact us!
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