As KBS clients take on difficult challenges, I am thinking of Skiing

Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby featherI know it is the middle of summer, but, for some strange reason I keep thinking of skiing.  And, I want to make sure I add, over the last 20 years I rarely get the opportunity to ski and I think most would consider me far from being an expert. Years ago, while taking a ski lesson at Snowbird in Park City, Utah, the instructor provided me with some guidance that I think not only works on the slopes, but, seems so fitting for the challenging world of owning and growing your own business.  There were many specific instructions needed to improve my skills, but, one that stands out was specifically – “…point into the turn…”  While amazingly simple, the advice help tremendously with my enjoyment of the sport and ability to manage more difficult hills. So, in the midst of the sweltering heat in Washington, DC, below is my top 10 list of the common characteristics between skiing and running a business that you want to grow and prosper:
  1. Every day can feel like you are navigating a mogul field
  2. Having the right clothes or infrastructure can lead to a very good or very bad day
  3. Even though you want to think about the turn you are in the middle of at the time, you need to always be looking ahead and thinking about the next turn
  4. Having the right partners to ski or run your business with can make or break you
  5. Skiing and running a business are expensive
  6. It never looks or works like displayed in the magazine’s
  7. Learning from your mistakes makes you better
  8. Decisions between trade offs should be made and then you move on
  9. Reflecting on your performance is rewarding
  10. Lean forward
15mag-15recommendation.t_CA1-superJumboFor those of you enthusiasts, you may enjoy reading this letter of recommendation published a while back: When I am not working with my clients to ‘point into their turns’, I am trying to learn the game of golf.  I imagine at some point, I will start to see similar parallels, but, for now, I just am trying to get that ball into that little hole far far away.Facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather