Accounting Department

kbs-lsDo you know at any time your most profitable products and services or customers?
Do you understand the cash flow cycle and have indicators of when and why your cash position is tight, adequate, or temporary? 

At KBS, we develop a scalable, flexible accounting department with access to the multiple skill levels needed by a growing business.  We properly structure your accounting & financial reporting database to create a real strategic asset for your business.

Part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO)/Chief Innovation Officer (CIO)

  • A key member of your leadership team
  • Expertise in respect to the financial results
  • Expertise in respect to your technology infrastructure
  • Centering focus on what benefits the business as a whole

Part-time Controller/Supervisory

  • Support and supervise the bookkeeping function
  • Establish financial reviews
  • Produce regular monthly reporting
  • Customized processes to ensure the data coming in is timely and accurate
  • Documentation of processes for maintaining your information
  • Functions can be performed, and/or delegated to more than one qualified individual
  • We train and transition client bookkeeping / accounting / administrative staff as needed
  • We build in data backup and security for every client
  • Our company’s information foundation is structured specifically for your business

Bookkeeping & Accounting

  • KBS provides accurate, timely, and efficient entry of the accounting information.
  • Eliminate or reduce duplication of entry
  • Software tools and processes are used whenever feasible
  • Compatible information systems for capturing all critical elements of your business
  • The reporting structure is aligned with your business models
  • Financial information is delivered in a timely fashion
  • Staffing and systems back-up in place so you are never at the mercy of a single staff member.